Masters in organizational development

by Administrator on Aug 26, 2010

The Master of Organizational Development is an honor awarded to those interested in practicing in the field of organizational development, in conjunction with human resource management. As a general outline this enables you to comprehend what is required to enact any strategies in an organization as well as managing of the human resource in an organizational setting. It is also aimed at instilling critical thinking into the learner in a way to make it easy, for them to strategically manage the unfolding trends in an organization. In some colleges it is collectively known as the Master of Human Resource and Organizational Development.
With the common core modules that make up this course, a learner has a choice to make from the elective modules. Completing the course would take you approximately 2 years of study with each unit designed to occupy an average of 150 hours of the study time. In order to enroll for a Masters in Organizational Development certain qualifications must be certified in advance.

  • The applicant ought to have successfully gone through a degree course or an equivalent qualification in a certified tertiary institution.
  • The applicant also should have passed with a minimum of credit grade in the respective degree course.
  • The applicant, in some cases is supposed should also provide proof of working experience.

After that the admission of a candidate into the college is reliant up on the faculty in charge.

The teaching method involves the students using packages that are comprehensive enough to cover the assigned course work in the given time frame. This, in most cases will include the recommended textbooks and references relevant to the study and probably prepared printed materials. Students are also allowed access to an online site to take their notes from and sometimes to be a quorum for consultations and group discussions. For some students, one on one interaction with the lecturers is possible but for some they have to attend the compulsory online classes. At the end of the course, the students are expected to hand in project proposals of their own making and to make the necessary thesis for evaluation by their lecturers.
With the master in Organizational Development, you are guaranteed to top places in the career market. It enhances your chances of securing employment and in a great way boosts your career opportunities. You could easily secure a chance with the world’s leading companies as a Human Resource Manager or any other related reputable position.

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